Come to 4Cs in Pittsburgh, PA!

Conference Dates:

March 13-16, 2019.


Conference Location:

David Lawrence Convention Center


How to Navigate the Site:

Thank you for visiting our 2019 Conference on College Composition and Communication hospitality site in preparation for your visit to Pittsburgh.

This website offers important logistical information (lodging, transportation, accessibility guide), information on things to do outside of the conference itself (food and drink, things to do, getting outdoors), and ways to learn more about the city (labor history, Pittsburgh reads, Pittsburgh: maps and neighborhooods).

In the same order, another way to put it would be: logistics, fun, learning. You might ask yourself, isn’t learning fun and don’t logistical enterprises require learning? Well, if you are concerned with taxonomies, then I hope you are very comfortable with calling a platypus a mammal.

We hope that this site helps you plan what you need planned, gives you some pointers on some fun things to do, and that you learn a lot while you are here!


Accessibility Guide


Food and Drink
Things to Do
Getting Outdoors, Getting Some Exercise
4Cs Events and Program


Pittsburgh: Maps and Neighborhoods
Labor History
Pittsburgh Reads

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